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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

I painted this yesterday. I really like this one, I think I achieved the goal I had of getting these glads to "glow" because of being backlit. I find that backlit lighting is my favorite sometimes. I might do a little more to this but doubt it.

You could say that I'm on a "glad" kick right now. I'm already planning the next one!

This painting is 11 x 15 inches on Arches 140 lb cp paper. I used some watercolor pencils a little bit in some places.

It's called "Backlit White Glads"


Anonymous said...

Wow girl! You've painted a beautiful Glad. I love everything thing about it.

now one little thing... I hate to even say this becaue the piece is great, but I think it could be an award winner with one little change.

The background If it were me I would have brought the blue across to the green or vice a versa just a wee bit so the background is compositionally more united.

Ashley said...

Yea Mimaw your art is the best but you don't need to work to hard b/c you have to have patiences and sit back to see what you had mad with your passion for art

Ashley said...
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Beth Alongo said...

Oh my I Love every one of them!!! I am about ready to get my water color painting going and hope to do something beautiful too, they are just awesome!!!!