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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Loose Women

I may change the title of this at some point. I just finished this one, it's painted loosely because the picture was so tiny I could not see the details. Here it is! Cia


Dear Readers, I seem to be stuck in an iris mood. I don't care though, these complicated flowers have much to teach me. So I'm going to persevere, regardless of criticism as to why I don't paint something ELSE. Here is the one I called Cascade. I've done another one that is really loose but I need to finish it before I post it.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

The one before that one, Happy Dance

I haven't put this one up either. This one came before "Iridescent Petals" and it's called "Happy Dance". The title refers not only to the way the painting turned out but also due to the fact that it went well from the start and had me doing the happy dance. I really love this one. Hope you comment!

I'm still here!

Hello! I've been so busy I haven't even been here to talk about what I'm doing!
I've been painting, and framing. Does anybody despise putting together frames as much as I do? I seem to be constantly screwing in those tiny screws only to find I don't have the corner tight enough and have to do it all over. Anyway, here's what I have just finished.

I'm very pleased with this because I have figured out how to paint an iridescent look without the use of iridescent paints. I did add a little metallic gold watercolor to the leaves but those translucent petals are just plain watercolor.