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Saturday, April 28, 2007


I would like to exhibit some other watercolor subjects with this post. There is a link to the page where you can really see them. I'm including some of them here. This first one is a full sheet done of Helen, GA. The gentleman is Charlie, my late husband.

This one is called "Road to Glory". It's not a full sheet, almost. This painting was selected by American Frame as their print of the month for March, 2007.

This is called Old Mill Stream. This painting was featured on the cover of a magazine called "Alabama Living". This is a scene I photographed near here down stream from a dam site where there had been a waterwheel type mill. The mill has since been restored.

Tubing Stream at Helen, GA. I photographed this scene standing on a bridge overlooking the tubing stream. I developed this painting from that photograph.

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