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Monday, May 07, 2007

New! Free Online Lesson

Follow the link under the title of this post to see the online lesson.
If you decide to follow along, you should start here first, this gives
the reference picture and the drawing, etc.

Let me know if you decide to do this, I'm going to post all the pictures that we do online.


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Watercolors by Susan Roper said...

Hi Cia - On my blog you asked if many commented and said not many did on yours. I never know if anyone stops by to look at the blog since few comment, but quite a few tell me in person the next time they see me about something of mine they saw on my blog, so I know that I have regulars keeping up with it, they just don't comment. Some send separate e-mails about it, too. So, yours may be more useful and successful than you know, don't give up on it.

I find I do it just for my own journaling enjoyment as much as for the exposure to my art. Keeps me trying for more so I can improve and include those paintings on the blog.

I'll start the online magnolia lesson when home from this Las Vegas trip. See ya!