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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

My Art Activities

My Art Activities

Hello, I'm back.
I am so happy, I sold that painting, "Stained Glass Pansies"! So it seems like maybe I've found some kind of niche. So I'm planning another one. I've looked at hundreds of floral pictures. I realize that it has to be a big, graphic look, with "pieces" that look like "puzzle" pieces. If that makes any sense.

Found several, and I'm about to start on one, it's to be called "Stained Glass Purple Iris"
and I think it qualifies, if I can only get it going. I realize that looking at the picture on my monitor is much better than looking at the photograph. So I plan on putting it on the screen, and I'm going to look at my computer screen as I paint instead of a photo.

Of course, as always, after I'm about half-way through, I will depart from the photo and
then begin to try to make it have the qualities I saw and that I'm attempting to depict.

Stay tuned!


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Shara said...

Great Work!!!
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