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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Observations of late

Hello my friends, I've been deep into attempting to learn some new techniques, and I have painted two new florals using said techniques. I will post them here. The thing that I have learned is great! How to paint petals with a smooth look.

The other thing that I learned is that these very light paintings do not "carry" from across the room. I must figure this all out.

Maybe making the backgrounds darker will help.

Here they are. The first is a white confederate rose. The second is a dahlia.

Any help would be appreciated.



Anonymous said...

I love the delicate colors on your Dahlia painting. The juxtaposition of the violet and the deep yellow is vibrant and very effective.


Anonymous said...

I love your flowers and your landscape is also very good.
Uf you want to exchange links I will. You will get more exposure by search engines and Feeds if you have a lot of people linking to your blog. They figure must be something good if everyone is linked to it.

Michelle Himes said...

Both of these are beautiful, Cia. I especially like the Confederate white rose.