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Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Manresa Animal Shelter Calendar!!!!!

Hello all, I'm pretty excited right now! Two of my paintings made it into the Manresa Animal Shelter Calendar. This one: On the site, it's called Rebel Rose instead of Confederate Rose to shorten the name for reasons of the way the site is done. This one is in a collage on the cover of the calendar.

The second one is this one: Luminous Rhodies.
It might be shortened to just Rhodies. I want to get these on some postage stamps, for one!

Please visit Cafe Press/Manresa and if you purchase anything, the proceeds will go to the Manresa Benefit Shelter in Spain. I heard that they need a new roof!
Please help this wonderful place continue to operate!

Manresa Animal Shelter

There are many items, such as stamps, calendars, T-shirts, baby items, note cards and other things with these images on them.

Thanks in advance for your assistance! Please let me know if you decided to do this so that I may thank you on their behalf.

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