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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Trying to come back!

Hello everyone, sorry I've not been posting. Seems like life is quite busy for me lately, my granddaughter, her husband and 2 year old have come to stay with me awhile. It was good
for them to be here while I was recovering from my surgery!

I have been painting! Here's some steps of the one I'm working on right now. I have another step done but haven't taken a picture yet.
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djd_fr said...

Looks good Cia. I enjoy your videos. Like Madhu said, one can't read the writing on your top photo.

Artmaker - Cecilia Price said...

I FINALLY figured out how to get rid of that ugly photo! Wow.

shicat said...

best of luck with your recovery.I look forward to your posts. Your violet is beautiful. Do you use dioxizine violet or maybe alizeran crimson and ultramarine

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Hi Cecilia
your flower paintings are like the freshness of a new day.
very good,happy brushing.