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Friday, February 13, 2009

The DVD "Pretty Peony" is ready to ship!!!!!

It's finally READY! I'm burning these things and I'm sending out some this morning already! I have it listed at ebay for $29.99, + $2 shipping. If you want one and you comment to me in this blog, then go to Paypal and send me $25 +$2 shipping to watercolorist@artmaker.com you can get it at that. This video is approximately 50 minutes long and it is detailed in its presentation. Up close to the paper and you can see what I'm doing. I've also included the colors and brushes I've used. Most importantly, I have included my secret tools! You will be so surprised when you see how one of them works!

Here's a picture of it. The painting, which is already featured on this blog, has already won a First Place award in an online competion!!!

Thanks so much for reading this.

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